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Meet the Team

Learn more about the master, instructors, and assistant instructors to help make Walter Martial Arts Taekwondo run day to day.


Master and 6th Dan Black Belt

William Walter

Master William Walter is the founder, owner, and head master of Walter Martial Arts Taekwondo. Master Will received his first black belt in 1993. He has won multiple grand championships and the All American Championship in 2006.  He opened the school in 2008. He received his 6th Dan black belt in 2017.


Instructor and 4th Dan Black Belt

Matthew Cohen

Having started at the age of 3 years old, Matt is one of the longest-tenured students at Walter Martial Arts. Having just started college, Matt has begun a brand new journey, but always continues to dedicate his free time by coming back to the school to train and help out.


Instructor and 4th Dan Black Belt


Danielle has been training at Walter Martial arts since it opened in 2008.  She started at 8 years old and earned her first black belt at 12. Currently, she is a 4th degree black belt. At around 14 years old, she became an instructor. Her favorite part of training would be the variety of class topics offered and practiced, especially sparring, as she enjoys the competitive nature of it. She also values the opportunity to be a role model to many younger students, both within the dochang and outside the dochang.


Instructor and 4th Dan Black Belt

Eehit Mukherjee

Eehit Mukherjee is a 3rd Degree Level 4 black belt at Walter Martial Arts Taekwondo. He have been training here for over 11 years at the dochang. His favorite things about taekwondo are kicking, and board breaking. 


Instructor and 3rd Dan Black Belt 


Ria Saketh is a recently promoted instructor at Walter Martial Arts and a first degree level 3 black belt. She loves working with the kids and watching them grow as martial artists. She is part of the FRHSD Computer Science magnet program and loves reading and spending time with her family. Outside of WMA, you can catch her at Charleston Springs, golfing with her teammates on the FHS Varsity Golf team.


Assistant Instructor and 1st Dan Black Belt 

annette gigy

In 2017, Annette oined the Walter Martial Arts community after transferring from another school.  Annette considers taekwondo a true passion and feels grateful for the opportunity to share it with people of all ages through instructing. Apart from her dedication to taekwondo, Annette is also involved in the Medical Sciences program at Freehold Boro. In her free time, she enjoys playing basketball, spending quality time with her loved ones, writing, and strengthening her faith. Annette feels incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by the supportive WMA staff, many of whom she considers friends, and the sense of family that exists within Walter Martial Arts


Sa Bum Nim and 5th Dan Black Belt 

paul fevola

Sa Bum Nim Paul Fevola is the Head Instructor and second highest ranking member of Walter Martial Arts. He has been training in Taekwondo for over 25 years and has over 15 years of teaching experience, instructing both kids and adults. Outside of the school, Paul serves as a police officer.


Instructor and 4th Dan Black Belt

Spencer Drucker

Mr. Spencer started his taekwondo journey at 11 years old and has continued this journey throughout college and now while working. He also designed this website. Whenever he's available, Spencer is in the taekwondo school helping the students learn and grow.


Instructor and 4th Dan Black Belt


Dinushan Gunaratne is a 4th Dan Black Belt, and has been a part of the Walter Martial Arts Family for almost 8 years and has been doing martial arts for 12 years. He is a tournament runner for 3 years and has been going to tournaments to win 1st places and Grand Champions. Dinushan loves martial arts as a lifestyle and it is in his blood.


Instructor and 3rd Dan Black Belt 


Ishika Mukherjee is currently a Third Degree, 2nd Level-Ranking Black Belt at Walter Martial Arts. She has been practicing Taekwondo for around 10 years. Her favorite aspect of this martial art is Sparring and/or Boxing, and favorite part about being an Instructor is helping the students become confident in themselves and their taekwondo abilities!


Assistant Instructor and 3rd Dan Black Belt 


Emily Passaro is a 3rd degree black belt. She has been training since around the age of 4. She really enjoy board breaking, especially being able to demonstrate power breaks. 

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