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Lakshan Gunaratne

         We love Walter Marshall Art school because Master Will has the best school and he is hands down the best master out of all the schools we have been to in the Manalapan area. Compared to other schools, my son receives the top notch martial art training here at Walter Martial Arts.We were disappointed in the schools that he has experienced, and one day we decided to research and investigate in person to find a better martial arts school. My son and I were driving down Route 9 S toward the Freehold Mall, when we noticed a student with the martial arts uniform running out of one of the shopping centers. I quickly noticed there was a sign for Tae Kwon Do and decided to drive up to the parking lot. We decided to watch students inside the school practicing martial arts from the outside of the doe-chang. Master William opened the front door, handed us a business card, invited us inside and offered us a free lesson. I asked him a few questions. The 1st question I asked him was, "Do you play dodgeball or run around cones or play tag?". He replied, "Sir this is a martial arts school, not a playground". I decided to take up his offer of free lessons. I told him that my son is a black belt and had been studying martial arts for many years. After the free classes, we decided to sign up for a complete full-year. After a few months I decided that my son will need private lessons to catch up with the curriculum. I asked my son, "So what do you think about Master Will?". He told me that it was too bad that we did not find this school a long time ago. He said that this is probably the best school that he ever went to, to study martial arts. Another reason I like Master Will's martial arts school is that he is a very dedicated master and he does not cut corners and he teaches martial art the way martial arts should be taught. I should know, as I have practiced martial art close to 20 years now and I know when I see a dedicated master who really loves what he does. He has patience with everyone, no matter whether you are a beginner or a 2 degree black black belt, he treats everybody equally. Another thing I love about Master William is that he never finished his class on time, he's not a clock watcher. He let every student come to class as many times as possible, he always advises students to come as many times as possible to get better at martial arts. I've never seen this open-door classroom policy in any of the schools my son went to. Every school I went to had some type of attendance to make sure you're only taking 1 or 2 classes. With Master William's school you could come to class every single day to improve your skills. He encouraged every students to come every day if they can. Master Will is one of the most dedicated martial art teacher I have come across in a long time, it is an honor to send my son to his school to be taught under his supervision. I wish him nothing but the best!!

Kathleen, James, and Patrick Marhold

           My son was a student at WMA for several years, starting when he was in kindergarten. He adored Mr. W and all of his teachers there. I was so impressed with how well Mr. W related to his students and was always encouraging them to do their best, both inside and outside of the do-chang. He stressed the importance of school, respect to their family, teachers, friends, and themselves. I would have no hesitation in recommending Walter Martial Arts to anyone.

Carl and Kathryn Crowley

          Our son has been a student of Master William Walter for 8 years.  Our journey with Master Will (or “Mr. W.” as the youngest children learn to fondly address him) began when our 4-year-old son was enrolled in a preschool athletics program at the local YMCA. One day, this incredibly charismatic and positively energetic young man arrived to introduce a group of more than 20 mostly bored, distracted and unruly 3-4-year-olds to martial arts. We were gobsmacked to witness him keep every single one of these children enthralled for 45 minutes and promptly made arrangements to sign up our son at his school upon completion of the class.  It’s a chance encounter that we're incredibly grateful for and a relatively impulsive decision that we’ve never regretted. Master Will has a gift for teaching and motivating children using positive reinforcement and encouragement. Character development is a critical component of the curriculum. Master Will readily partners with parents to reinforce positive behavioral messaging and coping skills related to home life, personal/social development and academics. He has been an overwhelmingly positive influence in our son’s life. The technical component of the martial arts program is also top-notch. All classes are taught personally by Master Will. Children are taught full adult forms, not simplified versions. You’ll be amazed and incredibly proud of your young martial artist as they master these complex techniques; furthermore, your child’s confidence will soar. From a business perspective, Master Will is also a pleasure to deal with. Membership terms are flexible, reasonable and a good value (unlimited classes). We highly recommend and enthusiastically endorse Walter Martial Arts for an unrivaled physical education and personal development experience that is delivered in a caring and nurturing environment by a gifted and passionate instructor.  


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